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ETP08 Analogue transmitter for gauge pressure, absolute pressure and level

ETP08 has, among others, the following advantages:

  • Configuration can be performed direct on the transmitter with rotary switch and potentiometers.
  • The transmitter is directly connected to the process media without any need for pressure intermedia, this eliminates temperature drift and gives a rugged design.
  • A large number of process connections gives freedom of choice for most applications.
  • Withstands media temperatures up to 150 °C continuously, for higher temperatures, most connections can be delivered as remote seals.
  • Approved for EExia, 3A, Gost and CE (EMC and PED).
  • Stainless steel IP66-housing protects from dust and moisture.
  • Durable against media with solid particles.
  • Hygienic design without dirt collecting corners, easy to clean.

ETP08 vill be excluded and be replaced by ETP90A